Water Treatment Solutions

New changes to drinking water

In November 2021 the new Water Services Act was passed into law, its purpose is to ensure all New Zealanders have access to safe drinking water.

It means everyone who is supplying drinking water to more than a single dwelling is now considered a Drinking Water Supplier and has duties under the Act.


But don’t worry, that’s where we can help.

White International, the industry leader in drinking water systems, can connect you with a specialist for a stress-free, fully compliant solution. 

Water Treatment Solutions

White International is proud to offer the latest in international water treatment technology.

From the source to clean, safe drinking water - White International has the solution to suit your individual situation.

This means you may need some of the following water treatment equipment.

Water source

Rain, bore, spring or stream.

DAB Esyline 
Automatic Pressure Pumps

Quiet, efficient, variable speed pressure pump.

Guarantees the comfort of constant pressure inside the system, and energy savings thanks to the inverter technology. 

Consists of self-priming multistage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flowsensors, a high-resolution LCD orientable display and integrated expansion vessel.


Moves water from the source.


Italian-made filters with ‘self-cleaning’ 90 micron pre-filtration. 

Features a counter-current backwash system that efficiently cleans the filter in one minute.

There’s no need to change the filter cartridge for up to five years.


Removes coarse sediment.


Advanced softening material for problem water.

Programmable, field-serviceable, value head.

ECOSOFT Ecosilexp 

Salt pellets inside brine tank.


Treats the chemistry of the water.
E.g. hardness, iron, manganese, natural organic matter, ammonium.

ATLAS FILTRI 20” Big duo filter housing

With 2-stage filtration, pressure gauges and drains.

TS Range

20 micron pleated filter.

CPP Range

1 micron polyspun filter.

UV Filtration

For effective use of UV light for disinfection, water requires filtration to remove particles >5mU

HALLETT Low alarming, validated UV system

Featuring Crossfire technology, easy to change lamps, automatic self-cleaning, lamp and sensor in air, touch screen and in-built data logging.


Removes bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Clean, safe drinking water.

White International, the industry leader in drinking water systems, can connect you with a local specialist near you for a stress-free, fully compliant solution.

Talk to us today about an end-to-end solution that includes:

- Pumps

- Filtration

- Water softeners

- Disinfection

- and more.

With expert advice, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're using the best products for your individual situation.

White International is the industry leader in drinking water systems. Offering best practice solutions for treatment systems including validated UV disinfection.